Junior Suite 7 - Hotel Spa Cala Grande Cabo de Gata-1767x926

Hotel Arrecife Calagrande Spa & Wellness

Enjoy the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata – Níjar, one of the most virgin areas of the entire national coast, is undoubtedly a gift for the senses. If you also do it in Las Negras, one of the most charming towns and best atmosphere in the area, even better.

And here is the  Hotel Arrecife Calagrande Spa & Wellness , a place with the charm of the area, a unique design and an exclusive aesthetic where you will have all the services to enjoy your holidays.

The Hotel Calagrande Spa & Wellness invites you to relax and enjoy the Peculiar Nature of the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park.

Located 150m from the beach of Las Negras you can enjoy fantastic views of the sea.  The best option for a different vacation in Cabo de Gata, enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, mountain biking or go with a kayak on the coast of Cabo de Gata.

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