The Medina of Almeria

Undoubtedly, the Medina is one of the most emblematic and well-known monuments of Almeria. Even if you do not put a specific image, it will surely sound familiar. It is, in short, the primitive nucleus of the city of Almeria. It was Abderram谩n III, the eighth and last independent emir and first Umayyad caliph of C贸rdoba, who founded the city of Almer铆a in the year 955, that is, in the tenth century. To do this, he walled the interior of the Medina and ordered the construction at the same time of a fortress that would serve to defend the city from possible attacks, in addition to also building a mosque for prayer.

The Medina was quite wide: it extended from Avenida del Mar to Calle de La Reina. In addition, the famous Pechina road or Real de Almedina street crossed diagonally the entire Medina from the Puerta de la imagen (which is located at the beginning of Calle Reina) to Sortida or Socorro Street, located on Socorro Street. The layout of Pechina or Real de Almedina Street is still preserved today, a historical and cultural symbol of the Caliphate medina of the moment. 

Another of the main streets was the one that went from the streets Cruces Bajas, Santa Mar铆a, San Ant贸n and San Juan. The main streets were not more than 3 meters wide, while all other streets were secondary and grafted onto the main ones, even narrower and winding. In addition, the secondary ones formed immense ramifications of alleys, some dead-end. 

Of course, in the narrow streets there was no space to place large squares or smaller squares, so the commercial district formed by corn balls, souks and bazaars is next to the Great Mosque. Finally, the shipyards occupied a good space and a multitude of neighborhoods surrounded it, each with its small mosque. 

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