Cabodegata Spa by calagrande

Spa Cabodegata is a temple of well-being and relaxation where you can disconnect from the world to connect with your interior. We have a hydrotherapy with sauna, steam, sensation shower, pool and jacuzzi for you to live an incredible experience.

We also offer a complete menu with the latest facial treatments, body rituals and the most exclusive massages performed by excellent professionals.

In our Spa we work with the best products and cosmetology in the sector and we exclusively use the Terssia Gold method and appliances to offer you the best results from the first session.

Menu of Services in Spa Cabodegata


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  • RELAXING HYDROTHERMAL EXPERIENCE: in our Spa we have a complete hydrotherapy circuit that includes sauna, steam room with steam bath, sensations shower, jacuzzi and swimming pool … In addition, all our spaces and areas are designed for you to relax and enjoy an atmosphere of peace and total disconnection. You can enjoy the circuit before any of our services and cabin treatments (20 minutes included), or as a unique experience.

Duration: 50 min.

Price: 30 euros


  • PURIFY RITUAL: Discover the perfect combination of relaxation and facial purification in our PURIFY treatment. This innovative service moisturizes and renews the skin of your face, while leaving it smooth and free of impurities. The treatment includes cleaning, extraction, peeling and massage, and as a finishing touch, our exclusive Terssia Gold appliance returns your face to its unique shine and gives an instant glow and lifting effect. Book now and be amazed by the results!

Duration: 50 minutes

Precio: 117 euros 70 euros

  • AFTERSUN RITUAL: We present our special facial to treat your face after long exposures to the sun, sea saltpeter and chlorine from the pool. With a unique and exclusive combination of actives, we will restore your skin, restoring lost health and shine while deeply moisturizing it. In addition, we use our advanced Terssia Gold appliances, which thanks to its infrared and LED light technologies, deflates and treats damaged and reddened skin. Give your skin the attention it deserves and show off a radiant face again! Book now and enjoy the benefits of our exclusive facial treatment.

Duration: 50 minutes

Precio: 117 euros 70 euros

  • RADIANCE RITUAL: our “pro-aging” facial that will restore life and youth to your skin, instantly and durably. An exclusive combination of active ingredients and the best products of advanced technology with collagen and hyaluronic acid, will make you look your best version during your holidays. A very important step of this Ritual is the application of our exclusive Terssia Gold appliances, which will provide your face with a totally incredible lifting, glow and filling effect of expression lines from the first session.

Duration: 90 minutes

Precio: 142 euros 85 euros

  • BLOOM SUBLIME RITUAL: The definitive facial ritual to show off a young, radiant and totally transformed skin in an immediate and lasting way. Our most complete and deep facial includes, among many other steps and actives, micro peeling, glycolic acid, absorbable tensioning threads, an exclusive mask and a lifting effect massage, glow and reduction of expression lines with our star appliance, Terssia Gold. Take advantage of your holidays and show off the best skin of your life with this experience that you will not forget.

Duration: 90 minutes

Precio: 184 euros 110 euros

  • TERSSIA LUXURY EXPERIENCE: A luxury ritual for your skin. We treat your skin, apply an oil with special active ingredients and use the exclusive Terssia Gold appliance that unites three energies that will mark a before and after on your face: LED light, infrared and topical heat. The effect is instantaneous and from the first session you will notice a lifting effect on your skin, we will be able to attenuate the lines of expression and give you a spectacular glow look. Get ready to look radiant throughout your vacation.

Duration: 50 minutes

Precio: 100 euros 60 euros


  • BODY WRAP: Live an experience for your body and mind, with this special and super complete wrap that includes peeling and a whole cocktail of active ingredients to exfoliate, moisturize and pamper your skin.

Duration: 50 min

Precio: 117 euros 70 euros

  • PERFECT BODY RITUAL: If you are looking to show off a perfect skin and body during your vacation, this ritual is perfect for you! We treat various aspects such as flaccidity and cellulite with specific draining massages and the best products and actives to help your body recover. With us, you can project your best version and look radiant at all times. Book now and be amazed by the results!

Duration: 50 min

Precio: 117 euros 70 euros


  • RELAXING HOLISTIC MASSAGE 30 MINUTES: With this treatment, we will be able to transport your mind and body to a state of total relaxation. Our expert masseurs, with their exclusive techniques, will use essential oils, aromatherapy and different active ingredients to make you live a totally unforgettable experience.

Duration: 30 min
Precio: 67€ 40€

  • RELAXING HOLISTIC MASSAGE 50 MINUTES: With this treatment, we will be able to transport your mind and body to a state of total relaxation. Our expert masseurs, with their exclusive techniques, will use essential oils, aromatherapy and different active ingredients to make you live a totally unforgettable experience.

Duration: 50 min
Precio: 100€ 60€

  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Our special sports massage for back and body. With manual techniques and different products, we relax your muscles and relieve the tension you present, leaving you as new and fully prepared to enjoy your vacation.

Duration: 50 minutes

Precio: 117 euros 70 euros

  • LOMI-LOMI MASSAGE: Our most exotic and complete full body massage, perfect to relax and to treat any muscle tension or discomfort that your body presents. Using an ancestral technique and using hands, forearms and elbows, our expert masseurs will make you live a unique experience and leave your body relaxed and in optimal conditions to enjoy your vacation.

Duration: 50 minutes

Precio: 134 euros 80 euros

  • PODAL REFLEXOLOGY: A sensory and absolutely relaxing experience… Our expert masseurs will revitalize your whole body through the soles of your feet, making you live a pleasant moment and total disconnection.

Duration: 30 min

Precio: 67€ 40 euros


  • GOLD PACKAGE: Complete well-being in a unique experience that beautifies and relaxes you in equal parts. Free your senses and live with us this moment attended by professionals of the highest level who will use the best products and techniques for your absolute satisfaction.

Includes: PURIFY RITUAL (50 min.) + HOLISTIC RELAXING Massage (50 min) + 20 minutes of HYDROTHERAPY

Total time in Cabin: 110 min.

Precio: 167euros 100 euros

  • DIAMOND PACKAGE: A luxury for your skin, your mind and your spirit await you in this complete service that combines our best facial and body services for a total experience. Let the expert hands of our Professionals work magic and you will live a totally memorable moment.

Includes: RADIANCE RITUAL (90 min) + BODY WRAP (50 min) + HOLISTIC RELAXING Massage (30 min) + 20 minutes of HYDROTHERAPY

Total time in Cabin: 180 min.

Precio: 267 euros 160 euros.

  • ROMANTIC PACKAGE: Live a romantic experience inside our Spa. We will make you live a unique moment combining the best attention and luxury services in our intimate and fabulous facilities. Invite your partner to a moment just for two and enjoy this gift with whoever you love most.

Includes: Two HOLISTIC RELAXING massages as a couple (50 min) + 50 minutes of HYDROTHERAPY + Bottle of Cava (1) + Fruit skewer with chocolate.

Total time in Cabin: 110 min.

Precio: 242 euros 145 euros

*The crossed out price represents the RRP price of each service or product. El precio rebajado es el precio que se encuentra a su lado. The Hydrotherapy Service is not included in this promotion.

El Spa Cabodegata by Calagrande ofrece un servicio de masajes excepcional que te transportará a un estado de relajación total. Our team of highly trained and professional therapists is dedicated to providing you with a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience. Our extensive catalog of massages is designed to meet the individual needs of each client. From relaxing and therapeutic massages to specialized techniques such as sports or deep tissue massages, we offer a variety of options to suit your personal preferences and goals.

Upon arrival at the Spa Cabodegata, you will be welcomed in a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Our massage rooms are carefully decorated to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, with soft music and relaxing aromas that will stimulate your senses and help you disconnect from the daily routine. Our therapists will work with you to identify your specific areas of tension or discomfort and tailor their technique to address your individual needs. We use high quality products and natural essential oils to enhance the experience and promote greater relaxation and well-being.

In addition to our massages, we offer complementary services, such as body wraps, scrubs and facials, to give you a complete and holistic spa experience. Spa Cabodegata by Calagrande prides itself on offering exceptional service and top-notch customer service. Our goal is for you to leave our spa feeling refreshed, revitalized and completely relaxed. Let us take care of you and give you a unique massage experience at the Spa Cabodegata by Calagrande. Your well-being is our top priority.

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